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Cookbook of Healthy Recipes

The dietitians of Elderly Health Service of the Department of Health produced the Healthy Recipes Cookbook way back in 2005. It is easy to read and explains how healthy and appetizing dishes can be prepared through wise selection of food ingredients and simple cooking methods. Back by popular demand, a bilingual revised edition is now produced. The number of recipes has been increased from 36 to 60, including meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, soups, and desserts. In addition, each recipe comes with nutrient analysis and cooking as well as eating tips for people with diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension and gout, to meet their health needs.

The cookbook is a good news for cooking enthusiasts who are health conscious and keen on preparing healthy dishes at home with minimal time and effort.

: Cookbook of Healthy Recipes
: Elderly Health Service, Department of Health
: Cosmos Books
Publication year
: July 2014
Language : in Chinese only





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