Mission, Vision and Objectives

HKDA Mission

HKDA mission is to associate and unite its members in the promotion of high standard professional dietetic practice and optimal nutrition health for people of Hong Kong

HKDA Vision

The Association
To be an outstanding professional unity with continuing growth and professional advancement and to contribute to the public health of society of Hong Kong

HKDA Full Member
To be the recognized experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics

Executive Committee of 2023 - 2025

Committee  Name Email Correspondence
Chairman Danica YAU chairman@hkda.com.hk
Vice-chairman Sabrina MOK vicechairman@hkda.com.hk
Secretary Anthony CHEUNG secretary@hkda.com.hk
Assistant Secretary (Membership) Stefanie WONG membership@hkda.com.hk
Treasurer Daisy SIN treasurer@hkda.com.hk
Assistant Treasurer  Kevin CHENG  
External Affairs Officer Kelly CHING external@hkda.com.hk
Training and Development Officer Chloris LEUNG training@hkda.com.hk
Assistant Training and Development Officer Sylvia TANG  
Webmaster Cyrus LUK webmaster@hkda.com.hk
Assistant Webmaster Jacquelyn LAM  
Editor Matthew FUNG editor@hkda.com.hk
Consultant Ms Doris LAU  
  Dr Wendy MA  
  Ms Sylvia LAM  

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