Please ask yourself the following questions before application. 

Am I eligible for HKDA membership?

Please make sure you are a dietitian eligible for HKDA membership prior to application. You can know about the eligibility of members here


Who should apply as a new HKDA Ordinary Member?

1. Eligible dietitian who applies for a Ordinary Member membership for the first time

2. Eligible dietitian who was a HKDA Ordinary Member before, but didn't successfully renew the membership on or before 30 April (the end of grace period) in the subsequent year, resulting in the termination of the Ordinary Member membership. This means that he/ she has to apply for a Ordinary Member membership again.


Who should NOT apply as a new HKDA Ordinary Member?

1. Anyone who are not eligible for HKDA Ordinary Membership

2. HKDA existing member (Ordinary/ Full Member). You should renew your membership online in member zone best before 31 March every year


Can I apply as a HKDA Full Member directly?

No, you cannot. The title "HKDA Full Member" will only be granted to a HKDA Ordinary Member who maintains a membership for at least 9 months, fulfills the requirements for the Continuing Dietetic Education (CDE) of the Association and successfully renews his/ her membership before 30 June in the subsequent year. So you should first apply for Ordinary Member membership first.

When should I apply for membership? Should I apply now?

Our membership cycle runs annually, starting from 1 April to 31 March next year. Eligible dietitian who wants to maintain at least a 9 months Ordinary Member membership to obtain the title of Full Member in the subsequent year should apply for Ordinary Member membership no later than 30 June each year. Please allow at least 8 weeks for us to process your application. You membership cycle only starts after your application being approved, not your application submission date.

If you apply for Ordinary Member membership or get approved after 30 June (i.e. did not leave enough time for the membership committee to approve your application), you have to complete and fulfill CDE requirement in pro-rata basis for membership renewal in the subsequent year, and complete and fulfill CDE requirement for another fiscal year cycle (1 April to 31 March) in order to become a Full Member. 

Please note that for those who successfully got approved between 1 February and 31 March, the membership will be effective from 1 April.

Apply for HKDA Membership

Please follow the steps and have the scanned documents (such as academic certificate, registration certificate/ card with a valid period) ready for uploading. The file should be a PDF or in jpg/png/gif format and the file size should be no more than 10M. We use PayPal platform for online payment, which is a convenient, safe and secure payment platform.

Please be reminded that insufficient documents (e.g. invalid certificate) will delay your approval. Please make sure you provide us with proper documents upon submission to avoid any delay on approval. We would not be responsible for the resulting delay due to insufficient documents and payments.

For enquiries about membership application, please email

Online Application

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