How to become a dietitian in Hong Kong?

The Hospital Authority and the Department of Health of the HKSAR Government are the two major employers in Hong Kong. To be eligible to apply for the post of Dietitian, you must obtain the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at HKU SPACE (co-organized with the University of Ulster, UK), or its equivalent qualifications, namely:

Please visit the website of HKU SPACE to find out the prerequisite academic qualifications for the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc Course in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and the official websites of CDR, HCPC, DC and DAA to find out more about becoming registered dietitians overseas. 

What are the job opportunities for dietitians in Hong Kong?

The Hospital Authority is the major employer. There are also dietitians working in Department of Health, non-profit organizations, nursing homes, private hospitals/ medical centres, sports institutes, catering companies, food and nutrition companies, universities, or as private practitioners. Please refer to the chart below for the statistics.

As people in Hong Kong is becoming more health conscious, there is a growing demand for dietitians in Hong Kong. 

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